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Construction Engineers. An-Laenort graphic novel.

" - Probably the first people I saw in An-Laenort were the engineers.
Despite the morning haze, they were clearly visible from the deck of our shuttle.
I could see their tiny figures in orange robes, in the dockland where the flesh of the city was peeled off, exposing a skeleton of interwoven iron beams, on signalling airbuoys, scaffolding, and walls of breakwinds eroded by the squalls.
Engineers are the first to meet ships arriving to the Soaring City, sinking into their iron wombs, and waving farewell.
I believe only few in the entire studied world have comparable courage to these people. Stung by the sparks from welding machines, faces darkened by the smoke from the ship's furnaces, yet engineers continue to live and walk over the grey cloudy abyss, among winds and bird flocks."

A piece for my wok in progress graphic novel "An-Laenort".
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